Every Friday, The Des brings you a long form podcast, article or documentary that dives deep into one part of American justice. We add a few highlights to convince you to watch, listen or read the entire piece.

In 31 states and DC, Black students were referred to law enforcement at more than twice the rate of white students 2017-18, your Friday long read from …
a series of tapes piece together one man's innocence almost two decades after he was imprisoned as a 16-year-old, this weeks long listen from Reveal
Incarcerate artists showcase artwork in "Chained Voices" exhibit in Colorado
24% of police forfeitures had no accompanying drug conviction or criminal case filing in Worcester County, your Friday long read
1,200 people have been shot and killed in rural areas from 2015-2020, but the outcry is much quieter than in urban areas, your Friday long read from TM…
The way law enforcement treats mental health issues in the U.S. is a pervasive and often dangerous issue. Ann Arbor, Michigan is trying a new approach,…
A Louisiana prison’s dirty environment made a man sick. He later died because of malpractice, your Friday long read from The Marshall Project
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