Somebody - best podcast of 2020

A mother launches an investigation into her own son's death after he's found shot outside a Chicago police station

Somebody should win every prize possible in our opinion. It is service and community journalism at it’s best. It dives into the humanity on every side of a tragedy while elevating a mother who lost her son. We hear the story through HER voice.

Sometimes you read or listen to something so profound, you remember the exact moment you absorbed it from the ether into your being. I was driving through the middle of America in this sunset, sobbing on Interstate-70 while I listened to the final episode. It’s humanity strunge up in a podcast about justice, race, police and death.

Somebody follows a mother’s journey to find out who killed her son and in the end her healing. The best episode (other than the last mentioned above) is Episode 3. Read about it:

Somebody is from Topic StudiosThe Intercept, the Invisible Institute, and iHeartRadio, in association with Tenderfoot TV.

Merry Christmas all. I hope your holiday is filled with some love and light in all this darkness.

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