Reinventing Our Schools: Curtailing Police Presence in Schools

School policing stops thousands of students’ from participating in school: a report from U.S. Department of Education’s 2017-18 Civil Rights Data Collection

We go to ACLU Southern California for this week’s study, “No Police in Schools: A Vision for Safe and Supportive Schools in CA” by Amir Whitaker, Ed.D., Jessica Cobb, Ph.D., Victor Leung, and Linnea Nelson.

  • The referral rates for Black students with law enforcement presence are 4.7 times higher than schools without them, and their arrest rates are 7.4 times higher.

  • For Latinx students with law enforcement in their schools, the referral rates are 4.4 times higher than schools without police officers and their arrest rates are 6.9 times higher.

  • The referral rates for students with disabilities are 4.8 times higher in schools with law enforcement presence than in schools without and their law enforcement arrest rates are 4.6 times higher.

  • From these findings, it is supported that students are at higher risk of arrest and referrals to police in schools with assigned law enforcement than in schools without.

Read the whole study here

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