Prison to school pipeline

When school absences send youth to court, a dangerous cycle begins - we go to a report from the Justice Center on juvenile justice.

We go to Justice Center for the report, “Rethinking the Role of the Juvenile Justice System.” We include some parts of the report below.

  • “Youth can be sent to court for missing school. In 2018, U.S. schools referred over 60,000 youth — disproportionately youth of color—to juvenile court for truancy.”

  • “Approximately 288,000 youth are placed on some form of probation every year; less than 30 percent of these placements are the direct result of an offense that involved another person.”

  • “Approximately 20 percent of all youth who are detained and 15 percent of youth who are incarcerated in state custody are detained or incarcerated due to technical violations of the conditions of their probation.”

Read the full report here.

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