Prison food - spoiled, unhealthy and causing health issues

A report from Impact Justice on meals behind bars

A report from Impact Justice: Eating Behind Bars: Ending the Hidden Punishment of Food in Prison. Here are some outtakes:

  • 3,000 meals - the number of meals served in the three year average prison sentence served.

All the while, they are consuming meals high in salt, sugar, and refined carbohydrates and low in essential nutrients. People in prison are fed a diet that everyone else has been advised for decades to avoid for health reasons.

  • 66 percent of people surveyed by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee in 2018 reported reported “food that contained bugs, was moldy
    or spoiled, or that was not intended for humans.'“

  • 75 percent of survey respondents reported rotten or spoiled food.

“Most meals not only taste bad, but also send the clear message that no one cares and that the people eating them don’t matter.”

Read more here from The Marshall Project.

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