Police shootings and convictions

Chauvin convicted / Ma’Khia Bryant shot and killed by a Columbus police officer - we look at studies of how many police officers are actually convicted if they kill people.

first off:

Shortly after a verdict was reached, a police offer shot and killed a teenage girl in Columbus, Ohio. More footage is expected to be released Wednesday.

So how many people actually get killed by the police in America /// aka it’s not just a few bad apples.

We go to The Prison Policy Initiative for a report, “Not just ‘a few bad apples:’ U.S. police kill civilians at much higher rates than other countries.”

When we break it down to just the numbers, the U.S. goes into the stratosphere.

According to Mapping Police Violence’s 2020 Police violence report:

  • 1,127 people were killed by police in 2020.

  • 96% were killed by police shootings.

  • Officers were charged with a crime in 16 of these cases: 1% of all killings by police.

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