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Hurricane Ida sent Louisianans fleeing except for prisoners at a Lafourche Parish Detention Center; Martinsville seven are pardoned 70 years after execution in VA — your weekly justice news

detainee abuse: Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is being sued for a lack of  compliance and lack of urgency in addressing allegations of detainee abuse by deputies. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Aug. 31, 2021)

reformation outcry: The former warden of Cook County Jail turned into a prison reform activist and now leads efforts in the push to improve America’s justice system. NBCLX (Aug. 30, 2021)

posthumous pardon: 70 years after execution, the young Black men who were age 19-37, coined the Martinsville Seven, received pardons from the Virginia governor based on failure of due process in their case. Martinsville Bulletin (Aug. 31, 2021)

deplorable conditions: The Department of Justice reports the San Luis Obispo County Jail violated both the Eighth and 14th amendments of the Constitution, in addition to the Americans with Disabilities Act due to poor conditions and excessive force. The Hill (Sept. 1, 2021)

changing narrative: In Charlotte, the Center for Community Transitions created a work release program for women, equipping them with vital life skills for success after their release. Spectrum News (Aug. 31, 2021)

convicted: Two years later, a Colorado grand jury indicted three police officers and two paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain this past week. Colorado Newsline (Sept. 2, 2021)

unsupported claims: The Black Lives Matter protest of summer 2020 has been blamed for an increase in resignations and departure from police forces but federal data disproves this widely accepted theory. The Marshall Project (Sept. 1, 2021)

reclaiming ownership: A top prosecutor hoarded people’s money for years, according to a recent investigation by WBUR. Despite charges being dropped or cases dismissed, lawmakers are demanding civil forfeiture reform. WBUR (Aug. 30, 2021)

inescapable storm: When Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, everyone except detainees of Lafourche Parish Detention Center received mandatory evacuations. They were instructed to work and remain put. Mother Jones (Sept. 1, 2021)

guard shortage: Ware State Prison in Georgia is short-staffed on guards which has created a violent environment, leading to inmate deaths inside. The Intercept (Aug. 30, 2021)

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