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freezing in TX prisons; investigation finds police had no reason to stop Elijah McClain; freed after 68 years in prison, the longest juvenile lifer — your weekly justice news


finally free: “Locked up at age 15, Joe Ligon became the nation’s longest-serving juvenile ‘lifer.’ Now, at 83, he’s finally free — and reentering an unfamiliar world.” Washington Post (Feb. 19, 2021)

confirmed misconduct: An independent investigation into Colorado police’s spot and assault of Elijah McClain found there was no reason to stop him. The Denver Post (Feb. 22, 2021)

ugly truth: The Trump administration sanitized accounts of federal executions. New media reports say there were not snores but stomach rolls and shudders. AP (Feb. 17, 2021)

higher than ever: Chicago Police spent over $177 million on overtime last year: a twenty-seven percent jump from 2019. South Side Weekly (Feb. 17, 2021)

everlasting effects: Denver man blinded by police projectiles during summer protests is suing the city and an officer. Denver Post (Feb. 16, 2021)

stealing: Incarcerated people receive stimulus payments too, but prisons are skimming money from their checks. The Intercept (Feb. 17, 2021)

moving forward: Virginia is set to be the first Southern state to abolish the death penalty. Washington Post (Feb. 22, 2021)

wriggling out: Sued for horrific prison conditions by the Department of Justice, Alabama is asking for the suit to be dismissed. AL.com (Feb. 17, 2021)

exodus: Aurora, Colorado police officers that left rose 60% last year as the department faced criticism for Elijah McClain’s death and summer protests. Sentinel Colorado (Feb. 19, 2021)

worse than ever: The freeze in Texas left incarcerated people with no running water, freezing temperatures and congealed piss. Vice (Feb. 18, 2021)

virtual write night, Feb. 24 hosted by Free Minds | an app could train civilians to respond to OD’s with | why incarcerated people should be allowed cell phones | Mar. 1-6 week against mass incarceration hosted by National Lawyer’s Guild students

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