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Derek Chauvin's trial starts with jury selection; VA becomes the first southern state to pass Cannabis legalization; Philly police got paid more and solved fewer murders — your weekly justice news


watch live: Derek Chauvin’s jury selection begins for his trial today. He’s charged for the death of George Floyd while under his knee. CBS (Mar. 9, 2021)

innocent: Photos and the stories from the nearly 200 innocent people almost killed on death row in America. National Geographic (Feb. 18, 2021)

left out: “Prisoners Face Severe Covid Risks Without Federal Vaccine Priority” Courthouse News (Mar. 1, 2021)

left out too: Immigrant detainees are left wondering if they’ll get vaccinated. L.A. Times (Feb. 27, 2021)

end of prohibition: Virginia becomes the first southern state to pass Cannabis legalization. Slate (Feb. 28, 2021)

making right: New Orleans DA will grant new trials to 22 people convicted by split verdicts in efforts to right Jim Crow Era’s lasting impacts. NOLA (Feb. 26, 2021)

trippy: A growing movement to decriminalize psilocybin explained. The Appeal (Mar. 1, 2021)

stepping in: Baltimore’s new neighbor believes in the power of violence interrupters, but he faces political hurdles. The Trace (Feb. 26, 2021)

effective or not: In Philadelphia, the police budget swelled by a quarter over seven years. Murders doubled but only half got solved. The Appeal (Mar. 1, 2021)

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