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San Francisco's DA fights reform through; guards refuse the covid vaccine ; BLM says no to the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and more — your weekly justice news

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Resources to read and absorb after the mass shooting due to alleged racist and misogynistic motives by a white man in Atlanta, GA.


guarded: Correctional officers are refusing the vaccine en masse which could undermine efforts to stop the spread of covid inside. The Marshall Project (Mar. 15, 2021)

of your peers: The jury questionnaire for Derek Chauvin’s trial asks: “How favorable or unfavorable are you about Black Lives Matter” and “How favorable or unfavorable are you about Blue Lives Matter.” Unicorn Riot (Mar. 11, 2021)

violence behind bars: A group of inmates is accused of beating another inmate to death with a broom handle. The Oklahoman (Mar. 17, 2021)

not good enough: The Movement for Black Lives Matter opposes the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, saying it relies on old reform that fails to center the communities most impacted. PBS (Mar. 17, 2021)

pushing through: San Francisco’s DA has pushed reform that is reducing incarceration despite resistance - he could be saving lives. The Appeal (Mar. 18, 2021)

added on: “At least 40 states currently charge some daily room and board to prisoners.” These fees keep people confined for even longer than their sentences. Prison Legal News (Mar. 2021)

under wraps: There is finally data for the number of people that die in police custody but North Carolina won’t release it. The News & Observer (Mar. 19, 2021)

judged: Two former Louisiana prison guards were sentenced for lying about a 19-year-old incarcerated woman’s death. They received 22 months total. NOLA (Mar. 10, 2021)

just a few: Only two NYC police officers will face serious discipline after an investigation into abuse of force against Black Lives Matter protesters. ProPublica (Mar. 17, 2021)

clemency petition for Antonio Floyd, sentenced at 19 | virtual write night to incarcerated people for Free Minds, Mar. 24 | “The Siletz Tribe member, who died after contracting the coronavirus in prison, advocated for his people” | MOMA features the ingenuity of incarcerated artists

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