A little newzzz for The Des

skip this if you ain't got the time, but we have important info inside - who's behind the emails; where we're going; and a note from the founder! plus a reader survey.

Dear readers,

First off: Happy Mother’s day, to my number one supporter and the first subscriber to The Des (hi mama), to the humans that birthed us and to all the people carrying babies and motherhood out under the carceral system in America: may you and your love one day be free.

It’s been over a year since The Des began as a small passion project. I didn’t know that during a global pandemic, it would become the one constant in my life as a young journalist. But here we are! We recently reached 200 subscribers, and I want to thank everyone of you for reading, clicking and engaging. Our mission to connect, educate and elevate people and information from the frontlines of the justice system exists because of you!

Thank you for your grace this past year as a one woman created and carried out publication while I weathered covid, job changes, a few cross country moves and the general nonsense associated with the twenties - sometimes the emails missed their deadlines.

Thank you to all of our contributors who braved telling their stories and pain for our readers.


  • Our team is growing - this week we bring on two wonderful interns to work with us on content, social media and marketing. This will allow me to invest in our expansion.

  • Look out for fundraisers for our growing platform and team!

  • Please email us for donation inquires.

  • Donations will go to cover operation and staffing costs.

Look out for:

  • Fundraisers

  • Giveaways

  • Subscriber drives


  • We are excited to announce that we recently established The Des as an LLC business. As we grow, our intention is to elevate more voices and reach more people to further deepen everyone’s understanding of criminal justice and abolition and to be a profitable self-sustaining organization which enables us to empower this information and other's stories.

  • We will bring live streamed and in person panels hosted in Washington, D.C starting this summer.

  • A full launch of our podcast show to grace your ears.

  • A self-care section to help us all withstand and process the impact and trauma of the justice system so we can stay engaged.

As we expand:

  • We will be partnering with Forgive Everyone CO to offer our subscribers an exclusive discount code on their goods and to share our content.

  • We will continue to bring on more interns to invest in the future of criminal justice story telling and help catalyze change and empower younger generations to tackle mass incarceration.

We need your help:

  • Support is not always $$$. (Though we can always use that!)

  • Share.

  • Like.

  • Invite friends and family to subscribe.

  • Engage in the posts by commenting.

  • Send us feedback.

  • Ask for what you need.

How have we been doing?

Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey.

We will be back to full blast starting tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and support. The future is soooo dope, and we can’t wait to share this ride with you!